City of Kings

Palace of Tau

Built from the 9th/13th/16th/17th/20th centuries, the Palace of Tau was where kings stayed for their coronation and the Tau hall held the King’s banquet following the ceremony. The name “Tau” comes from the T-shape of the Banquet Hall. Transformed at the end of the 17th century by Jules Hardouin-Mansart and Robert de Cotte, the Palace of Tau still holds rooms that have retained their medieval aspect. This is the case with the Palatine Chapel (13th century) and the Tau Room, in which the coronation banquet was held. Decorating the walls are 15th century tapestries which tell the story of "Mighty King Clovis". The royal treasury's most remarkable objects are Charlemagne's talisman (9th century) and Saint Remi's chalice (12th century). 


Listed as a Monument Historique in 1886 et 1907 then included on the World Heritage List in 1991