In the footsteps of Art Deco

The Docks Rémois and Familistère companies

Built between 1925 and 1928 by architect Pol Gosset, this huge five-storey building has a reinforced concrete framework and a façade made from Chauvigny stone punctuated by archways on the ground floor that are topped by large pilasters on the upper floors. The angled corner finishes with an octagonal dome adorned by Mercury, the Roman god of commerce.

The Docks Rémois company was created in 1887 by a group of grocers in Reims. A pioneer in chains (food shops with multiple branches), the Docks Rémois company had 869 branches in 1914 that operated under the name “Familistère Rémois”. After being destroyed during the First World War, the buildings were rebuilt by the architect Pol Gosset and reopened around 1920.